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Goodbye Ah Gong
mood// sad sad

Goodbye my ironman grandfather, my strong silent Teochew Ah Gong who
  • was fitter than everyone else in the family (including his grandchildren),
  • had a head of black hair with black eyebrows (i had more white hair than him),
  • lived a life of frugality for himself while ensuring others were taken care of,
  • had the most awesome tattoos that would leave a kid gaping
  • cooked the meanest braised duck ever, and
  • kept to a disciplined life at the grand old age of 98.

I'm sorry I couldn't bridge the gap in time, I should have tried earlier. Ah Gong, you had a hard life and as much as it saddens us, it's time for you to rest. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made, without which, my life would not be made possible. You're an impossible act to live up to, and I'm so blessed to have a grandfather like you.

ying [userpic]
Little things #1
mood// thankful
mental soundtrack// For Good - Wicked OST

One of the things I really wanted to do this year is to make a conscious effort to show more appreciation for the things people do around me - not just friends and family but essentially anyone around who has done something praiseworthy.


I think more often than not, it's easy to focus on the bad and overlook the good. And of course if something is bad, one has to speak up (constructively) in the hope that it can make a change for the better. However, I also believe good behaviour has to be recognised, hopefully spurring more instances of goodness. (Not that we do good deeds to be praised but…you get the drift…)

And you know what I've noticed? Giving praise doesn't only make that someone receiving the compliment feel good. It also makes me feel GREAT! Besides possibly brightening someone's day, being able to recognise the good work someone does helps remind me that we're all capable of goodness, and that it is possible to love my neighbours as God has commanded. More importantly, I remember how immensely blessed I am to be surrounded by these people who light up my life in their own ways.

I'm the kind of person who generally delights in being an 'island' - self sufficient and mostly cocooned in my own world. Some days I even dread seeing others of my kind, irritated by the callousness or utter self centeredness of mankind. 'Make all these people disappear and give me some peace!', forgetting that peace is within reach, with my Lord. But God sends me these angels to remind me no man is an island; my life has been immeasurably enriched by the presence of these people and somehow all these flaws I previously complained about, they don't seem like such a big deal now. The speck in my eye has been removed (temporarily but I like to think one day it'd be permanently gone)!

I could never have conceived how saying thanks to another could possibly mean so much to the betterment of my soul.

It doesn't mean I am an angel now. Some days I fall back into my old ways, some days I forget to give credit where due, and other days I'm grumpy bear but I know I am making progress and my soul is being healed. Praise the Lord for teaching me this valuable lesson.

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mood// grateful grateful

I had a really stressful Monday but on hindsight, things went well and it's yet another reminder of how weak I am, and how abundant His grace is. The trick really, is to be thankful for the little things and these are the things that keep me going in such times.

mood// refreshed refreshed

"There are many attractive things in our world that are so easy to get entangled with—hobbies, sports, TV, computer games. These may start off as “refueling” activities, but later they can take up so much of our time and thought that they interfere with the purpose for which God created us: to share the good news of Christ, serve Him with our gifts, and bring glory to Him."

I love these timely reminders from my Lord.

Read more over here.

ying [userpic]
iOS4.3 + WiFi iPad = Road Warrior
mood// gleeful

Here I am, sitting at a bus stop in Tiong Bahru, typing this entry on my WiFi only iPad. This would not have been possible a week ago unless I had some free wireless internet around. But now, with the Personal Hotspot feature, my WiFi iPad is as good as a 3G one, since I have 3G access via my iPhone. Sweet!

This also means, I am now working on my iPad at a bus stop in Tiong Bahru too. Pros and cons I guess but how much do I love technology? And how much do I adore my company for coming up with such brilliant gadgets and software? :D

God answers prayer
mood// thankful thankful

Last night, I asked God if He hears me.

He gave me his answer today. Not once, but twice in my devotionals.

Daniel 9:20-27Collapse )

Psalm 69:13Collapse )

I hope this inspires you, as much as it inspires me to keep my faith in times like these.

What do you do with your burdens?
mood// contemplative contemplative

"Just as my child brings his broken toys

With tears for me to mend,

I took my broken dreams to God

Because He was my Friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him

In peace to work alone,

I hung around and tried to help

With ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,

'How could You be so slow?'

'What could I do, My child?' He said.

'You never did let go.'

- Faith Mitchner

ying [userpic]
我們的回憶沒有皺摺 你卻用離開燙下句點
mood// sleepy sleepy

This is cliche but time sure flies when you're having fun with friends. 4 days gone, in a flash.

This trip is memorable for its many firsts.

First time I had pig intestines. -semi choke-
First time I shopped from 11pm to 2am, arms full.
First time I flew to another city to catch a concert.
First time I bought lightsticks for a concert.
First time I saw Jay live.
First time I drank Yakult the size of a can.
First time I went on a trip with my dear friends of 15 and 13 years, well, sort of anyway.

I'm sure there is more, or will be...

On the flip side, I'm not sure I want to go home to reality!

A dream is a wish your heart makes
mood// confused confused

I'm perplexed. Why do I persistently dream of someone whom I barely know and have seen only once in 15 years. What is up with me?! ARGH.

Please make the dreams stop.


As much as I enjoy travelling, it leaves me feeling terribly drained. The hours squashed in an economy-sized seat, stuck with intrusive people who take up the whole armrest, does nothing for my mental well-being. I wish I had the option to fly business or teleport myself. Sigh.

It's also weird being back home. Even if it was only 2 weeks of being away. It feels as if I'm seeing everything through a bubble. Like I'm here but not quite. Maybe my consciousness is trying to make a run for it because it would rather stay away than face the realities of life. After all, isn't travelling a means to escape the things you don't want to face up to?

ying [userpic]
A roomful of bikes...
mood// greedy

...is what I envision for myself in the future.

But for now, I can only dream.

Here's the Dahon Matrix. When commuting to work becomes a reality?

A lovely white Paul Frank cruiser for when I'm off to meet friends.

Another Paul Frank bike that looks perfect for a leisurely afternoon out by the park.

One LAST Paul Frank bike I saw on its blog. Isn't it simply adorable?

And how does a girl resist a bike that can be customised?! This is by Urban Outfitters.

If you can't get a cute bike, how about some cute bells? :)

There'll be more, I'm sure. Be still my heart!

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